Why Buy Vegan Designer Handbags?

So you’re considering buying a cruelty-free bag? That’s great! Read on and find out, why we think vegan designer handbags are the way to go!

What is a vegan bag anyways?

Generally speaking a vegan or cruelty-free bag was made without the use of any animal products. Many manufacturers in this niche also make sure the general conditions under which the bag is produced are fair and ethical. Instead of leather, many designers use materials such as faux-leather, cork or sometimes even paper. But besides being a conscious choice, there are many other reasons, why we think your next handbag should be a vegan one.

It’s a great choice for the conscious shopper.

Making an ethical choice, when shopping can mean different things to different people. Some argue, that a leather bag is more sustainable, as it will last you longer than for example one made of paper. Others feel, that the mere fact, that animals are harmed in the production of non-vegan bags makes them a no-go for them. In the end it is up to everyone to make their own decision on what they believe is the right choice for them. At VeganDesignerBags.com however we believe, that cruelty-free bags are the way to go and support designers, who go the extra mile and source vegan alternatives, when it comes to the material they use for their bags.

There’s a bag for everyone.

When I first went vegan and started to look for alternatives, I was a little disappointed. I wanted to make better choices, but was disappointed with the bags I found. I was a little let down by that. Would I have to compromise style for a clear conscience? The more research I did, the less concerned I got though. Once you start looking, you come across many great looking bags, that will live up to the standards of the biggest fashionistas out there. There’s tons of different materials and styles, designers with big names and small boutique design studios, all colors and truly a bag for any occasion.


Vegan Designer Bags

Faux-leather bags last longer.

Have you ever tried cleaning a leather bag? Yep. It’s pretty frustrating. Vegan leather bags on the other hand can usually be cleaned more easily with some warm water and a rag. Real leather retains moisture, faux leather doesn’t. This means that vegan bags are generally more stain resistant and less likely to become cracked. Some argue, that a faux-leather bag “doesn’t quite wear the same” and for some low quality bags, this may be true, but a good quality bag made with high quality materials, will bring you just as much (or even more!) joy, than that leather bag. Opt for quality, when you buy, you’ll be happy you did.

They look great!

More and more designers go vegan. For ethical reasons (Stella McCartney!), but many also discover that vegan materials and fake leather are easy to manipulate and work with, which allows for the use of different design techniques. With the wealth of cruelty-free materials available there is no reason, why a vegan designer bag wouldn’t look just as great as a non-vegan one. Companies like Gunas have built whole businesses on this premise. So leave your pre-conceptions, that “vegan bags are hippie” behind and explore what’s available. Vegan bags can be cool, sexy, fun, professional or whatever else you need them to be and they’ll for sure make you look great as well.


Vegan designer bags are becoming more and more popular with the fashionistas of the world. Many feel like they are the better choice – in terms of ethics and in terms of style. Whether you know it or not: You’ve probably “accidentally” bought a vegan bag before. That tote bag you use for your shopping? Yep. It’s vegan. The word vegan in itself is still stigmatized in the minds of many and I think unrightfully so. I’m here to show you the kind of vegan, I like. The one, that’s stylish, modern, fun and that produces bags, that are functional, pretty and simply make me happy every single time I leave the house.

Hi! I'm Kathrin and I want to introduce you to the world of vegan designer bags! I write about trends, bags and designers, that use cruelty-free materials.

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