Introducing Cult Gaia’s Devora Hive Bag

You’ve probably come across Cult Gaia before. Since 2016, when Jessica Alba was first spotted with “The Ark”, the bag has been a fan favorite, loved by celebrities and fashionistas alike and it seems its appeal hasn’t faded yet. Just a couple of days ago Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North West, was spotted walking her first runway show for Fendi carrying one of the iconic bags.

Cult Gaia has now published their new Fall 2018 lookbook. Besides reinventing “The Ark” , one bag in their newest collection stands out and lets us wonder whether fall 2018 has found a new IT bag called Devora Hive.

Introducing the Devora Hive Bag

Just like the Ark Bag, the Devora Hive Bag is a classic Cult Gaia original. It’s an art piece you can wear on your arm. An ornament and evening bag and definitely an eye catcher, that let’s us wonder which red carpet or runway we’ll spot it on in the next couple of weeks and months.


Measurements: 11″ L x 4″ W x 7″ Body Length

Colors: Pearl, Cheery Quarty, Tortoise

Material: Acrylic

The bag is currently available for pre-order in the Cult Gaia webshop and ships on November 1, 2018. It is currently priced at $ 328.00 USD. The bag is shipped with an original Cult Gaia box.

(All Images by Cult Gaia)

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  1. i love the ark bag! but this one… i’m not sure.. doesn’t it look a little bit like an urn??? or is it just me??? 😀

  2. It’s cute, but not very practical. I would only use it a couple of times a year for special occasions and for that, it’s too expensive. Don’t think it will become as popular as their ark bag. that bag was just perfect for the summer.

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