“Made in the USA”: 10 Vegan Bag Designers, Who Produce in America

“Made in the USA” matters to a lot of conscious shoppers these days, which is why we’ve curated a list of vegan bag designers, who design and produce their products in the United States. The main reason to shop local for shoppers in the market for vegan bags is product safety and quality, but support for the local economy is also becoming more important for Americans.

Why “Made in the USA” matters

As mentioned the reasons for the “Made in the USA” preference vary from consumer to consumer. Many cite one of the following reasons:

Jobs: Shoppers believe that buying American helps to create and save jobs in the USA.

Economy: Buying local, doesn’t just secure local jobs, but also benefits local companies and helps them invest locally, which strengthens the economy.

Lower Carbon Footprint: Not having to ship products across an ocean burning fuel in the process is definitely appreciated by the environment.

Human Rights: In addition to sometimes having weaker environmental regulations, worker’s rights are often not protected and the conditions of production thus more than questionable.

Health: Cheaply produced goods from overseas loaded with chemicals may put consumers’ health at risk.

Vegan Bags: Designed and Made in America

1. Crystalyn Kae – Urban Style meets Sustainability

Crystalyn Kae is a pretty established brand in the world of vegan fashion. They have been around since 2001 and are known for handcrafted accessories made from ethically sourced and reclaimed materials. The brand’s socially-conscious style shines because of its use of saturated color and texture, loud customer patterns and timeless classics. Besides aesthetics Cristalyn Kae emphasizes functionality and incorporates adjustable straps and versatile inner pockets into their designs. Crystalyn Kae’s unconventional style draws inspiration from the past, but infuses it with modern functionality to meet the needs of urban women, who ask for style and functionality.

Crystalyn Kae’s workshop is based in Brooklyn, where all bags are designed and produced.


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2. OlovesM – Yogi’s Choice

OlovesM is the perfect brand for all the yoga-lovers out there, who want some “Oooom” in their life even when they leave the yoga studio. Founder Merle, was on her yoga mat in downward dog, when she had the idea for a vegan bag made of old yoga mats. The bags are mostly made from over-produced, new yoga mats. They’re over-runs or ends of rolls. OlovesM bags are unconventional and fun.

All bags are produced in Aspen, Colorado.


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3. Sea Bags – Sailor’s Favorite

The Sea Bags brand iuses recycled sails to create stylish totes and accessories. So, if you’re looking for a new bag, that’s been traveling the seven seas, this is probably your #1 pick! All materials from the sails to the thread to the rope are sourced in the USA, all bags sewn in a building that hangs over the water, where production takes place encouraged by the chatter of the sea gulls outside. As all bags are made from up cycled sails, each one is a little bit different than the next.

Each bag is crafted with great care by highly skilled craftspeople on Custom House Wharf in Portland.


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4. Mohop – Embracing Innovation

Mohop has been producing shoes, handbags and other accessories since its founding in 2005. The founders Justin Walker and Annie Mohaupt innovative technologies with artisanal techniques and only use Egan and sustainable-sourced materials for the production of their bags. For example Mohop uses digital scanning and 3D manufacturing processes to create custom-fit products, which is especially useful when you want a shoe, that *really* fits your foot.

All Mohop products are handcrafted in the brand’s Chicago workshop.



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5. Filbert – Sustainable Luxury

Cruelty free, mindfully made and exceptional are the words Filbert uses to describe their brand. Filbert was originally created to create luxury vegan products, that combine an elevated aesthetic with high ethical standards. The brand wants to inspire awareness and kindness and contribute to a better world. All bags are made in the USA.


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6. Zaum – Handmade in Boston

Zaum strives to deliver unique and modern bags, that are classic and yet a little different. The colorful bags shine and add a little fun to any wardrobe. All bags are handcrafted in the Zaum studio in Boston, are durable, affordable and of the highest quality. Zaum also welcomes customer orders, so if you can’t find the bag of your dreams in their current collection, you can have it made just for you.


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7. Cykochik – Artisic and Edgy

Creativity, craftsmanship and community are the three pillars of the cykochik brand which was founded by Nikki Duong Koenig in 2003, while she was still a student in art school in Texas. Cykochic may have started as a side project, but its custom-made vegan handbags sure have earned a lot of recognition over the years. The brand’s mission is to offer cruelty-free fashion, that benefits people, animals and our planet.

All bags are handcrafted in cykochic’s studio in Dallas, TX.


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8. nest Pure – Art and Functionality

Nest Pure was founded in 2014 by former interior designer Samantha Cobos, who discovers her love for textiles, while dressing other people’s houses and working with fabric in the process. Having found her passion for fashion, she taught herself textile design and sewing and started to create the artful and sustainable bags and accessories, that nest PURE is known for today. All patterned fabrics are designed and handcrafted in-house. Samantha Cobos’ focus is on natural materials, that are crafted into eco-friendly and functional bags, that are stylish and chic.

Nest Pure is based in St. Paul, Minnesota. All products are designed and hand-crafted by Samantha Cobos herself.


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9. Leni Penn – “The Vegan Tote, That Doesn’t Suck”

Leni Penn is known for creating “a vegan tote, that doesn’t suck”. The versatile tote has seen a lot of celebrity love and has found supporters in Jessica Alba, Michelle Pfeiffer, Alicia Silverstone, Molly Sims, as well as mothers, artists, students, lawyers, architects, travelers, doctors, yogis, and so many more. The tote is unisex and multi-purpose and has been spotted in yoga studios, offices and on the beach.

All Leni Penn totes are made in the USA.


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10. von Holzhausen – Made in California

The Malibu-based studio von Holzhausen believes, that local production leads to better quality and keeps the artisinal skills and craftsmenship alive in the local community. The brand is known for its easy to wear and timeless bags, that fulfill the highest standards, when it comes to design, sustainability and quality.


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