Angela Roi Launches a New Line of Vegan Leather Designer Bags Dedicated to Margaret Hamilton

Angela Roi has recently launched a new collection of vegan leather designer bags named after Margaret Hamilton, a pioneering space engineer, whose team at MIT wrote on-board software code for the Apollo program and was crucial in helping humans set foot on the moon for the first time in history. The Hamilton Collection is inspired by Margaret Hamilton’s lifelong dedication to innovation. Angela Roi’s new line of classic bags is made of micro-pebble vegan leather and features a new accordion structure design.

The new line of bags is available for purchase on

Who is Margaret Hamilton?

Margaret Hamilton was born in 1932 in Paoli, Indiana. After graduating from Hancock High School in 1954, she studied mathematics at the University of Michigan. She then taught high school mathematics and French for a while, before moving to Boston Massachusetts to study abstract mathematics at Brandeis university. In 1960 Hamiton took on an interim position at MIT, which eventually led to her joining the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory at MIT, which was working on the Apollo space mission at the time. There she eventually led a team credited with developing in-flight software for Apollo, the lunar lander and Skylab.

Hamilton at MIT Lincoln Laboratory in 1962
Credit: Margaret Hamilton

Hamilton at MIT Lincoln Laboratory in 1962, when she was developing software for the SAGE system. Credit: Margaret Hamilton

After her time working with NASA, Margaret Hamilton went on to found her own company, Hamilton Technologies, Inc. in 1986. She has published over 130 papers and reports about the projects and programs she has been involved in. in 2016 she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her work on the Apollo Moon missions.

The Hamilton Collection by Angela Roi

The Hamilton Collection includes 7 cross-body bags in 2 different, classic styles. The bags are available in 4 different colors: Ash rose, dark green brown and mud beige.

Being classy is more than just wearing classic fashion. It’s devoting your life to a cause that you truly care about.
Margaret Hamilton devoted her life to software engineering and developed on-board software for the Apollo program, which made it possible for humans to step on the moon.
Inspired by her story, the Hamilton Collection conveys a message of being a true classy woman.

All bags have a minimal classic design with accordian structure to create more room for your essentials. The Hamilton collection is Angela Roi’s first line,that uses vegan micro-pebble leather. The new material is very flexible, yet possesses structure. All bags are handcrafted and of course cruelty-free and sweatshop-free.

The collection launched recently on Check out some of our favorite pieces below or shop the full range at!

$215 via

$205 via

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