Helsinki Fashion Week Bans Leather

Helsinki Fashion Week has recently announced in a statement titled “No more”, that it will not be accepting collections, which use animal leather starting in 2019.

“We at Helsinki Fashion Week, with the support of the Nordic Fashion Week Association, are taking an active stand against cruelty to animals and the damaging environmental impacts that the use of animal leather brings with it; by not accepting any collections which use animal leather into Helsinki Fashion Week starting from 2019 (SS’20). It is time to write the next chapter in cross-industry collaboration in the fashion industry world-wide. We need to innovate and collaborate to create alternatives and commercialize already existing options. Helsinki Fashion Week is a proud partner to companies like Tesla who already apply this philosophy to their manufacturing by using vegan leather in their vehicles. We want to inspire designers and other creatives to develop their products and become exemplary actors in the global fashion industry.”

According to Evelyn Mora, Founder of the Helsinki Fashion Week and Board member of the Nordic Fashion Association, the decision results from an ongoing dialogue between designers, consumers and manufacturers. She emphasizes, that Helsinki Fashion Week has always stood for progress, innovation and transparency. It is now time for them to take a strong stand for sustainability as well.

You can learn more about Helsinki Fashion Week’s decision here. The next Helsinki Fashion Week is scheduled to take place in July 2019.

(Thumb Nail Photo by Joakim Honkasalo on Unsplash)

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