16 Affordable Vegan Handbags by Deux Lux

We recently came across a new brand, that sells beautiful, yet affordable vegan handbags. The brand is called Deux Lux and was founded by two women in 2005: Fati Mahdavi and Sara Naghedi, who have since created a timeless line of bags, that combines style and sustainability.

Their bags are edgy yet classic and a little sparkle is added every now and then. The feminine line of affordable vegan purses, makes vegan lifestyle accessible to many, that may be on a tighter budget. All Deux Lux bags are PETA approved vegan.






If none of Deux Lux’s bags are for you, head on over to our round-up of Isabelle Handbags.

Hi! I'm Kathrin and I want to introduce you to the world of vegan designer bags! I write about trends, bags and designers, that use cruelty-free materials.

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