Trending: Vegan Belt Bags by Matt & Nat

Belt Bags are one of the hot trends this season. Some argue, that “belt bag” is just a new name for the good old fanny pack, that has been a tourist favorite since the early 80s, but that doesn’t change the fact, that they are all over the runways right now. No question: A belt bag is THE accessory to add to your wardrobe right now. And luckily Matt & Nat has a rather big selection of vegan belt bags on offer right now. Which one is your favorite?


If you’re not sure whether a belt bag is really for you and don’t know how to style it, head on over to our “HOW TO WEAR A BELT BAG 101” for some inspiration.

Hi! I'm Kathrin and I want to introduce you to the world of vegan designer bags! I write about trends, bags and designers, that use cruelty-free materials.

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