The 12 Best Vegan Clutch Bags

Clutch bags are essential in any wardrobe. Parties, upscale events, weddings, that crazy night out with your girlfriends – there’s so many occasions, when the clutch is the bag to reach for. A clutch is a party bag and depending on the venue a more fun or more classic bag might be needed. Reason enough for us to round up our favorite vegan clutch bags and give you all kinds of styles, colors and brands to pick from. From simple to whimsical (but not too whimsical…) our collection has them all! We’re sure you’ll find the vegan clutch of your dreams in our list. And if not, don’t worry – there’s a link to more at the very bottom of the list!

1. Matt & Nat Abiko Handbag in Fig

Matt & Nat is known for classic and timeless bags and this clutch is not exception. The Matt & Nat Abiko Handbag from their Dwell Collection is a great bag to add to your wardrobe as it’s really versatile. It goes with your evening outfit, but is also low-key enough to be suitable for a coffee date. It’s available in various colors besides fig, which is pictured above. It’s a small, but practical bag with three interior compartments.

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2. La Regale Laser Cut Clutch

You may or may not know, that I’ve spend a good part of the past couple of years in Vienna, where ball season is a thing and waltzing the night away is a thing. This Pouch by La Regale is classic yet modern and would be perfect to ballroom dance through the night. The shape is classic, the laser-cut details and texture are modern.

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3. Matt & Nat Klass Clutch, Black

If we had to describe this clutch by Matt & Nat with one word it would be “cool”. The Klass Clutch is available is a number of different colors, but we happen to really like it in black. It’s the perfect clutch to go with that little black dress you probably already have in your closet. The center rind hardware details is such an eye-catcher!

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4. Urban Expressions “Pepper” Clutch

Sophisticated and simple. This Clutch by Urban Expressions has potential to become an evergreen in your wardrobe. The bag itself is simple, but the combination with the gold toned hardware detail gives it this “je ne sais quoi” as the French would say. We however think:  A little sparkle never harmed anyone! Aren’t we right?! Other features of the bag include two open compartments on the inside, one large zip pocket, card slots and a bill slot.

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5. ‘ale by alessandra ‘La Pluma’ Clutch

The texture makes this Vegan Leather Clutch by ‘ale stand out. It is more on the casual side and perfect for a night out on the town. It’s small, but has enough space for all your essentials. It has a zipper closure and is lined, so your belonings are safe inside this little bag. the tassel detail on the clutch is an eye-catcher.

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6. The Jezebel Clutch

Cotton and beads are used to create this one of a kind Vegan Clutch by Jezebel. What an eye-catcher! This clutch is perfect, if you’re looking to accessorize a simple outfit and or are still missing a statement piece in your collection. The ethnic look featured in this bag has definitely seen a renaissance in the past couple of years and has recently hit the runway. This bag is for the fashion-forward and is sure to turn some heads.

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7. Matt & Nat Riya Handbag in Charcoal

A clutch doesn’t always have to be tiny. This one is perfect for the office and fits more than just your essentials. The “Riva” Handbag from Matt & Nat is part of the brand’s Vintage Collection. The asymmetric envelope clutch is a day-time favorite for those looking for fashion and function in a bag.

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8. Urban Expressions Avalon Clutch

The woven vegan leather detail on the bags’ front is the most prominent feature of Urban Expressions’ Avalon Clutch. It’s a great day-to-night bag and will look great in combination with a casual outfit or cocktail dress. The large tassel is attached to the zipper, that closes the bag. The bag comes with a chain strap, is lined and has a snap closure.

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9. Tree Tribe Leaf Leather Envelope Clutch

Tree Trive is known for it’s casual designs and of course for its social mission. For every item sold, the company will plant a tree. Despite the brand’s sporty aesthetic, this little brown Envelope Clutch made from teak leaf leather definitely earned its spot on this list. Texture and color make it quite unique and elevate its overall elegance.

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10. Melie Bianco “Marie” Clutch Handbag in Black

The flower details in this bag! We love it! This bag is feminine, but not over the top. The combination of floral detail and black makes this clutch really stand out to us. The Melie Bianco “Marie” Cluch is perfect for happy-hour and upscale events. It’s simple, yet unique – something, that is hard to achieve is a small little bag.

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11. LaBante London ‘Joel’ Clutch Bag

This elegant ‘Joel’ clutch bag from LaBante London is the perfect addition for an evening or special occasion look.
It comes with an elegant detachable gold chain strap for the option to carry it as an across body or on the shoulder.
PETA approved vegan handbag brand. It is sustainably & ethically sourced.

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12 MeDusa Vegan Leather Slim Evening Clutch

MeDusa is an innovative Israeli brand and they happen to make beautiful clutches! MeDusa’s Slim Evening Clutch comes in many different colors besides the green one pictured here. The design and craftsmanship of this bag is impeccable. Although the the bag is unicolor, it’s a one of a kind because of the intricate ornament on its front. Just beautiful! This bag will look great at any upscale event or night out on the town. Features include an inner pocked with a zipper.

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(Thumbnail Image by MeDusa)

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