Designer Brand: HARVEYS
Location: Santa Anna, CA, United States of America
Founded: 1997
Vegan Brand: Yes. All bags are vegan.
Vegan Materials Used: Seat belts
Bag Types: Totes & purses, backpacks, cross-bodies, messengers, satchels, backpacks, clutches, shoulder bags, bucket bags, shoppers, pouches, wallets

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HARVEYS was created in 1997, when Dana and Melanie Harvey were restoring a 1950 Buick. Dana had the idea to make a purse, that matched the seatbelts in the car and soon after the couple started making similar bags for friends and family. The bags became more and more popular and so eventually what started as a small side-project turned into the seatbelt bag brand know as HARVEYS today. HARVEYS is known, for its fun and quirky designs, but also caters to an urban audience, that’s looking for a more classy look and unconventional materials.

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